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Agfa Graphics relied on Living Stone’s strategy and design team to re-brand its :Apogee workflow solution for the printing and publishing industry. After extensive bench-marking, Living Stone came up with a new brand strategy and positioning, visible in the consistent brand architecture and the highly recognizable design.

Advertisement Branding Agfa Apogee
The :Apogee Publish advertisement smooth workflow in the creative department.
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Icon branding Apogee
The smokey streamline is also represented in the software icons

Living Stone’s visual identity solution rested on two pillars: a highly recognizable icon and the concept of a streamline. For the icon, the name ‘:Apogee’ was reduced to its essence, that is to say ‘A’. This icon indicates not only that :Apogee is an A-level brand, but also illustrates the new tagline ‘Activate, Automate, Achieve’. Furthermore, ‘A’ is easy to understand and to remember, it supports the brand and it is a very clear symbol. All :Apogee marketing communication tools have been developed along the same minimalism.

Bert De Pelsmaeker
Former Director

:Apogee Publish package
Advertisement Branding Agfa Apogee
Advertisement for :Apoge Suite

It was a great idea of Living Stone to make an extensive benchmark of our main competitors and of traditional software providers to see how they communicate about their software solutions. The concept was not to position :Apogee as a traditional package for the graphics industry, but rather as an end-to-end software solution. The requirements for the :Apogee re-branding were thus more inspired by the products of, for example, SAP and Oracle, than by our competitors’ packages. This resulted in a refreshing approach.

Bert De Pelsmaeker
Former Director


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I just have to say that you and your team are absolute rock stars!! What you’ve churned out in the past six weeks is astounding!

Susan Larson
Marketing Communications Manager


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The focus on people really resonated with our target audiences. Our business is about enhancing life for people living in high-rises, with leading-edge systems to manage water supply and drainage. The marketing strategy underscores the ability of Aliaxis’ solutions to improve living for high-rise residents.

Florie Brisbois
Former Strategy Manager


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Living Stone developed a look and feel that correctly grasped our new corporate identity. The new logo is dynamic, symbolizing a transformation. The style is professional, lively and appealing.

Gino Peremans
Founder and Managing Partner

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