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Aliaxis launches new division targeted to high-rise building market.

CATEGORY / Technology & Engineering

Aliaxis decided to create a division dedicated exclusively to the high-rise industry in response to two significant trends: urbanization and climate change. They opted for a go2market strategy focused on five values offered by Aliaxis High-rise Building Solutions: feasibility, comfort, green, safety, and affordability, striking an emotional note with imagery focused on people enjoying life in their high-rise homes.

Brochure design
Visual image branding
Showcases highlighting Aliaxis high-rise projects from around the world.
Visual image branding
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Our business is about enhancing life for people living in high-rises, with leading-edge systems to manage water supply and drainage. The marketing strategy underscores our ability to improve living for high-rise residents.

Florie Brisbois
Former Strategy Manager

infographic branding agency
Graphics to illustrate plumbing concepts and systems, encaspsultating Aliaxis' multiple brands.
LinkedIn strategic branding
Comprehensive LinkedIn strategy

The LinkedIn strategy contained tailored to target groups, featuring advertising campaigns, Showcase Page and content calendar to ensure regular release of new content.


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I just have to say that you and your team are absolute rock stars!! What you’ve churned out in the past six weeks is astounding!

Susan Larson
Marketing Communications Manager

TESTIMONIAL / Agfa :Apogee

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It was a great idea of Living Stone to make an extensive benchmark of our main competitors and of traditional software providers to see how they communicate about their software solutions.

Bert De Pelsmaeker
Former Director


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Living Stone developed a look and feel that correctly grasped our new corporate identity. The new logo is dynamic, symbolizing a transformation. The style is professional, lively and appealing.

Gino Peremans
Founder and Managing Partner

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