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azlink - a periodical magazine aimed at referring GPs, specialists and internists.
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New identity positions hospital more precisely with key target groups.

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Living Stone helped us to put across a clear vision, and our collaboration with them is excellent. The Living Stone team didn’t impose its own ideas on our organization; they simply helped to refine our pattern of thinking.

dr. Hans Rigauts
General Director

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Living Stone has given our communication channels a new, consistent visual identity. The various target audiences of the hospital, such as GPs, specialists and internists, all find this new way of communicating to be very successful.

dr. Hans Rigauts
General Director

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The visual identity is supported by various media such as the annual colloquium brochure, invitations to symposia by hospital management. Particular attention was paid to making the visual identity easy to apply:
Living Stone developed various templates that enable hospital personnel to apply the visual identity to documents that they create themselves. In this way it is used for job advertisements, internal and external correspondence and the newsletters of the various departments.


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There are very few agencies with so much knowledge of medical marketing communication. Besides that, Living Stone knows key opinion leaders in every sector of the medical world. And all these relationships generate more valuable contacts.

Kathleen Staelens
Marketing Director

TESTIMONIAL / Orsi Academy

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Living Stone supported ORSI in combining survey results with profound market knowledge to create a visual identity that was spot-on and firmly grounded in the reality of ORSI.

Korneel Vandenbroucke
General Manager


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Living Stone’s unique blend of strategic marketing skills, change management experience, IT/ICT knowledge and healthcare expertise made them the perfect  choice as a marketing partner.

Klaas Gutschoven
General Manager and Management Center Head

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