Research and innovative go2market programs power launch of new solutions for Roche Diabetes Care

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Living Stone developed comprehensive go2market programs including strategy, all tools and translations in support of several Roche Diabetes Care solutions for hospitals and clinics: the eManager cloud-based
administrative tool, eConecta telemedicine solution and
accompanying eConecta Kiosk self-evaluating unit.


Living Stone showed us how to teach our customers the best path to successful implementation that minimizes adverse behavior. It’s an example of their change management expertise, research skills and decades of healthcare experience.

Sam Bekaert
Former Diabetes Solution Manager

Awareness poster starterskit

We know that we can expect original, qualitative materials from them. They are able to act quickly and empathize with difficult or delicate themes and always manage to turn them into comprehensible materials.

Sam Bekaert
Former Diabetes Solution Manager

Website as a ‘Starters’ Kit’ toolbox for eConecta and eManager, using a ‘ready-set-go’ theme.
Mydiabetesbox.be are tools and a website, where users can sign up for a small fee and receive the blood glucose meter and testing strips that they require to effectively manage their condition.
POS-material for the pharmacist

Rolling out our “Mijngezondheidscoach”-program through pharmacies also fits in perfectly with the current tendency to give the home pharmacist a consultative role.

Sam Bekaert
Former Diabetes Solution Manager

Roche Diabetes Care’s Facebook community


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There are very few agencies with so much knowledge of medical marketing communication. Besides that, Living Stone knows key opinion leaders in every sector of the medical world. And all these relationships generate more valuable contacts.

Kathleen Staelens
Marketing Director

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Living Stone helped us to put across a clear vision, and our collaboration with them is excellent. The Living Stone team didn’t impose its own ideas on our organization; they simply helped to refine our pattern of thinking.

dr. Hans Rigauts
General Director


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Living Stone supported ORSI in combining survey results with profound market knowledge to create a visual identity that was spot-on and firmly grounded in the reality of ORSI.

Korneel Vandenbroucke
General Manager

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