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Tobania: Creating a new identity to put digital to work

CATEGORY / Technology & Engineering

When going to market, the first step is to determine an innovative business story with a compelling message before delving into a new identity, graphic standards, logo design and the like. Once accepted by the decision-takers, that fundamental step will guide all supporting elements so they are cohesive with the common message.


Living Stone researched and positioned Tobania’s values and culture in media tools that clearly showed we’re not just another traditional IT company. Their efforts were the foundation for everything that followed, from the distinctive logo to sharp messaging using digital B2B communications across multiple channels.

Lode Peeters

rebranding Tobania
Living Stone prepared a series of digital templates, available in Tobania's Brand Resource Center

Nearly all appeared ‘stilted’ on-screen; not ideally suited to the aspect ratio of trim digital devices. The new company’s image had to break from that. It was designed for digital first: a name that represents a digital community rather than an ICT company, a color palette selected on-screen and translated to print inks afterwards, design formats fitted for lean digital publishing and an up-to-date, active strapline message.

Rebranding and positioning

TESTIMONIAL / Agfa :Apogee

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From a software point of view, we wanted the :Apogee Suite to be a solution for the complete printing and publishing industry value chain. Living Stone succeeded in creating a brand strategy and visual identity that perfectly reflects this vision.

Bart De Pelsmaeker
Former Director
Agfa Graphics’ Software Group


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I just have to say that you and your team are absolute rock stars!! What you’ve churned out in the past six weeks is astounding!

Susan Larson
Marketing Communications Manager


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The focus on people really resonated with our target audiences. Our business
is about enhancing life for people living in high-rises, with leading-edge systems to manage water supply and drainage. The marketing strategy underscores the ability of Aliaxis’ solutions to improve living for high-rise residents.

Florie Brisbois
Former Strategy Manager

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